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At Kosmic Running, we’re all about making you move well and move often. Lead by Coach Gagan Arora we are focused and dedicated towards providing quality education & training to running community to make their running journey enjoyable. See how you can become a part of our family and join us now!


Lead by Coach Gagan Arora Kosmic Running is the largest running club with coolest runners in the city. We provide quality education, workshops, seminars and on ground training sessions to runners. We believe in quality over quantity and teach people how to be a better runner and be a part of this wonderful community building sport. We teach you how to make your structured training plans on your own and if required we can provide you online training to make you an endurance machine and perform at your personal best at any given day.

We also believe in sharing important updates on regular basis in form of creatives and videos on social media.

We strive to make this amazing sport safe and enjoyable to everyone and reduce the chances of overuse injuries.

Walking happened before running. We respect human anatomy and physiology. We encourage walkers to join our training programs to improve their fitness level and start taking baby steps in right direction.

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Online Live Classes with Coach Gagan 


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